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Online marketing for hospitality and hostelry

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How does it work?


“To know how to define the times is fundamental when it comes to developing a good marketing plan whether offline or online.”


We believe in the capabilities of design and communication so we have developed this service. Bamboo has been created by a team of online design and marketing specialists for the hotel industry, with extensive experience in the premium sector.

To get to different paths you have to know how to draw new and effective routes. Our main focus is to capture the attention of the senses in our audience, a demanding public or tourist that moves by criteria, providing new proposals, enhancing the quality of services and above all leaving a mark.

Our goal is not only to save time and money for our clients, we also put our effort in providing quality and new ways of communicating their work. We believe in technology as a language, we like to take care of small details, so we suggest you trust your instinct and try with us a professional solution for your social networks, email marketing and customer service. 

We invite you to gather the maximum information of your project to propose a specific strategy that fits your budget and expectations, working together towards the commercial success of your company.


First Step: Action Plan

Identity is an essential concept that should be understood for every entrepreneur. Little or much, everyone who has a company or business knows that they need to build a brand and that the representation of that brand is their Corporate Identity.

We go a little beyond the representation of your brand through a logo, we add value, we control the timing and forms of communication linking them with the best available technology tools and a dedicated team of professionals, willing to solve functionality problems so that they can be translated into common communication successes, commercial strategies, and goals achieved to short and long term.

“We love thinking not only today but also tomorrow”

We study your company, your brand, the people involved, and we create an action plan with defined goals such as customer loyalty, increased sales, consolidate reservations or specifically aimed at attracting new audiences.

The main key to know the success or not of our action plan is to be able to have means to analyze and measure its social impact.

If the expected objectives are being achieved or if the path taken is adequate to achieve the goals set. The digital marketing metrics are really useful to know if we are working correctly.

Second Step: Various Utilities

Resistant textures with a new tone of communication, your written word defines the voice of your business, connects you with your audience and can even push you to a leadership position. As your content team and the resources we have available, we will present you with a path to follow in the development of your campaign to ensure that your brand ideas and values ​​are expressed correctly.

In the correct choice of metrics used is much of the success of these campaigns, since the information collected from them will be the one that can finally provide you with the relevant information to decide what to do, how to evolve.

Bamboo in 3 simple steps:

Creative Content

Disruptive Marketing


There are three ways to increase your sales with Online Marketing for your Hotel or Restaurant:

Invite | Teach

Generate more customers

Continuity | Trust

Sell more to customers that you already have

Work | Satisfaction

Increase the average transition of your clients

Third Step: A Great Story

                               “Identify your goals and create a path to achieve them.”

Who and what is the competition that we face? What tools do we have? Offline + online: we study the best strategy to achieve our commercial objective.

The search for new commercial territories, leads us to offer a personal approach and almost artisan to face the small big challenges that we find in the new digital markets. We advise our clients with the planning of commercial routes with specific campaigns to link with new clients, how to face the challenges of the new digital market, selecting the most effective tools to achieve our commercial objectives by offering a current informative image that reflects the contents of our projects.

“Our resources are unlimited, working as an extension for your internal team, we provide strategic content, creative support and customer service.”

You do not need to hire Bamboo to know what are the benefits of social networks for your business. Download the pdf “the benefits of social networks for the hospitality industry” and change your results now.

     “We respect your privacy your email will never be sold.”

    “The most effective advertising is the recommendation of the customers of your hotel or restaurant and social networks are a tool to achieve and disseminate it.”

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